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Great food and a warm welcome

Right in the heart of Ancoats, overlooking Cutting Room Square with a relaxing, cosy, and cool vibe. 

We're open for both breakfast and lunch.

If you catch us for lunch you might raise an eyebrow at the huge display of food on the counter - something we're famed for with our delicious range of sandwiches, salads, cakes, and pastries.


Our delicious new organic and fairtrade coffee, with teas and from Atkinson of Lancaster, freshly made juices and smoothies, and a full bar and wine list

We've been serving Ancoats delicious food and coffee since 2013 to eat in or take away

Our opening hours this week:

Monday 8am until 3:30pm

Tuesday 8am until 3:30pm

Wednesday 8am until 7pm

Thursday 8am until 3:30pm

Friday 8am until 3:30pm

Saturday 9am until 5pm

Sunday 9am until 3pm (closing early due to a private event)

Breakfast & Brunch

We're open for breakfast with a menu of satisfying classics and a few unique dishes. We make our own Granola from scratch, our sausages are from Grandads and our bread is from the amazing Companio Bakery right here in Ancoats.  

Delicious coffee and tea come from our friends at Atkinson of Lancaster, plus we have a healthy selection of pressed to order juices and smoothies or if you prefer brunch cocktails!

You can also order click and collect, take out or eat in.


Breakfast is available from 08:00 until 11:30 weekdays

09:00 until 16:00 weekends

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From our Cajun spiced halloumi Greek Melt to our famous Saltimbocca, we've been feeding the workers and residents of Ancoats their lunch for over 10 years! 


Made using bread from Companio Bakery here in Ancoats, fillings are all produced from scratch in our own kitchens.


But hey lunch is not just about great sandwiches! We also offer three freshly made salads every day, homemade sausage rolls, and many other delights including a fabulous range of cakes and desserts


And all this at value for money prices with our lunchtime meal deals. 


We have one of the best places to sit and people watch in Ancoats, our upper terrace overlooking Cutting Room Square. Just a shame we can't magic up some good weather to go with it! 

With an eclectic mix of cocktails, beers and wines along with a fabulous range of fresh pressed juices, smoothies, and non-alcoholic drinks - have you tried our Watermelon, Mint and Lychee Cooler? Or perhaps in this weather a warming mug of hot chocolate with a generous dash of Bailey's!

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Our environmental impact as a business is very important to us and becoming ever more so. Because of this, we are constantly looking at ways to minimize our carbon footprint.

As a result, we have come up with some innovative methods that save resources and improve our efficiency, therefore, being able to keep our prices as low as we can.

Such innovations mean that we are now nearly a paperless business! Before we would use reams of paper on everything from till rolls to recipe sheets. Now, we are increasingly using technology without the need for printing and paper.


Our roof here at Halle St. Peters has solar panels which produce 10% of our electricity needs while the balance comes from renewable resources.


Talking of the roof, we are soon to install an apiary where we will have two beehives and who knows, soon our own honey!

All of our take-out disposables and now 100% compostable, like our bee-design coffee cups and even our plastic sandwich wrap is made from plants.

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Founded by Sir Charles Hallé in Manchester, the Hallé gave its first concert in the city’s Free Trade Hall on 30 January 1858. The orchestra is numbered amongst the world’s top symphonic ensembles and continues to seek ways to enhance and refresh what it undertakes, with aspirations to provide leadership through                  performance standards, education, understanding, and training

Hallé St Peter’s, a restored deconsecrated church here in Ancoats, has been a home for the Hallé’s rehearsals and recordings since 2013. Expanded in 2019, the building now also incorporates the Oglesby Centre, which provides a hub for Hallé Connect – all of our activity away from the concert platform, including the Hallé’s family of choirs, Youth Orchestra, education workshops, community outreach, and small-scale performances.

Hallé St Peter’s is available for hire for private meetings and events, performances, and weddings. 

                                          For more information contact:                                      

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