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A Little About Us

So, we first opened in Ancoats - and let’s be real, there wasn’t much going on - way back in 2013. Back then, Ancoats was quite a different place than the buzzing neighbourhood it is today - think more     derelict buildings and car parks, with only a handful of people working and living in the area.

We opened our little café and coffee shop in Beehive Mill and we were the only ones around. But, despite the challenges, we found a home alongside Sankey's (ah, the hazy memories) and a bunch of other small businesses and budding musicians for us to feed.

Most have since moved on, but we're still here, proudly serving Ancoats with delicious, homemade, natural food at prices that are easy on the pocket!

Over the years, as we have grown and expanded so to has our reputation for serving delicious food.  Our commitment to quality, taste and sustainability has always been at the forefront our business and it is something that our customers have come to know and love about us.

We are incredibly proud of the reputation we have built, and we believe it's testament to the delicious food we serve each day

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